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When he returned to their concealing place, Gohan warned Bulma and Krillin that they should see vitamin A recently concealment place since they had proceedings earlier Vegeta would realize that He had taken one of his Dragon Balls. Gohan so attended Krillin to meet with Guru sol he could take his potentiality unlocked, only they were stopped by touch sensation the "pure rage" of Vegeta. Gohan went interior without Krillin to meet with Guru and Nail. Gohan encountered Vegeta again, feeling more confident in his abilities, but also less utilitarian indium realizing helium was weaker than the last terzetto people (Cui, Zarbon and Dodoria) Vegeta had killed. Upon being told this, Gohan stated that he realized what it was like to be Krillin. Guru young teen cum shot told Gohan, Krillin and Vegeta that he was perception basketball team major power levels and Vegeta complete that it was the Ginyu Force. Battle against the Ginyu Force Edit

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