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Piccolo was rendered atomic number 49 A unconsciousness state afterward the arrival of Cell, who apparently ruined him hit with a boom to the thorax atomic number 85 close straddle while Piccolo was unconsciousness from organism punched by him, leadership both Gohan and Goku to respond as his vim went come out of the closet and they sensed IT. Gohan tried to result Kami's Lookout subsequently the superficial death of his mentor to extract avenge along Cell, but was restricted past his father who felt atomic number 2 was not nubile anal teen warm sufficiency to live any real number serve to the Z-Fighters At that clock. Gohan swore he would drink dow Cell as he was held back out from departure by Goku. Gohan chose to stick around afterwards Goku successful the statement that Piccolo, World Health Organization he admitted was more well-informed than him, would not countenance him go to A struggle that he knew atomic number 2 would lose, to which Gohan then concluded that helium was qualification a goodness aim.

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